Model T Racing Car to delight motor fans at Shrewsbury Steam Rally

Model T Racing Car

A Model T Speedster racing car built in the 1920’s and the bright yellow vehicle, owned by David Beddoes of North Shropshire, promises to delight visitors!

David Beddoes said: “I have owned the 3 litre inline four cylinder side valve engine for 7 years after rescuing it as it has a special rear axle that made it valuable for parts. Originally a Model T car, at some time a previous owner in the 1920’s converted the vehicle into a Speedster. It is an original and un-restored car, appearing now as it would have raced in the 1920’s.  The engine sounds just great, and so does the horn! These dirt track racing cars were made by removing the body from an early Model T Ford by lowering the suspension (bending the road springs) and attaching a new lightweight body.  They competed around dirt track ovals in the US.

The car has some interesting original features, the radiator is not the standard brass Model T but an aftermarket special racing radiator made by the McKinnon-Dash Company in Buffalo, New York.  The Patented radiator bears a plate with the date 1015. The radiator has larger inlets and outlets and a large square matrix core to prevent the radiator becoming blocked by dirt thrown up by the wheels of other competitors. The ignition has been converted to coil with a Chevy distributor.  The electrics are still 6 Volt which makes starting very difficult unless you jack up the rear wheel and get someone to spin it as you press the starter. Fuel supply is gravity only from the tank at the rear of the seats, and unless you keep a full tank of fuel the car tends to stop on steep gradients, not so good for hill climb events!

I also own a Rolls Royce Limousine 1931; a 1931 Austin Tourer; a 1931 Wolsley Sporst car, a 1958  MGA 2-seater Sports Car and three motorcylces; a 1951 AJS Competition Trials motorcycle, a 1964 BSA Trials and a 1932 OK Supreme with a JAP Competition engine. I frequently ride in trials and have achieved some good success with these old machines!”

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Edward Goddard, Chairman of the County of Salop Steam Engine Society said: “We are always extremely grateful to our exhibitors who provide a spectacular and informative display for visitors to the Rally. David’s car is just one of over 1000 exhibits that provide a wonderful spectacle in the Main Arena. Working steam engines, and beautifully preserved classic vehicles from yesteryear, all to delight visitors to the highly-popular annual event. Spectators can see moving convoys of historic commercial vehicles, including buses and fire engines; vintage cycles; working horses; vintage tractors; pre-and post World War II cars; classic motorcycles; military vehicles, prams and much more! “

Additional information: – The Working Field presents a nostalgic look at the farming of ‘days gone by’ and demonstrates an exciting mix of impressive working machines and shire horses that capture the history and heritage of farming in the Victorian era. The Working Field has a full programme of agricultural activities, and provides an entertaining spectacle for the tractor enthusiast and for the visitors who spend hours looking at the working tractors and the static tractors on display. Plus Tractor Pulling! The event plays host to a bee-keeper, wheelwright, corn dolly maker, live blacksmith demonstrations, and cider making. Over 240 tractors will be on view on the showground. Visitors really take a step back in time, explore original farming skills – and literally live and breathe the past.