Steam Engine Quiz – Spring 2020

In the June 2020 edition of Smokebox, our members’ newsletter, we published the following quiz questions. How many can you answer correctly?

Here’s a link to the answers.

1. What disease did we lose the 2001 rally to?

2. What was the name of Jim Cook’s showmans engine?

3. Who was our Society Chairman before Edward?

4. What year was the first rally at Onslow Park?

5. How many rallies were held at Walcot Hall?

6. Which town were Burrell engines made?

7. Which side is the steering on a Fowler?

8. What unit is the power rating of a traction engine measured in?

9. If a traction engine has two cylinders (a large and a small) what is it called?

10. What description is given to a traction engine that normally works on road haulage?

11. What two devices are used to put water into the boiler when it is in steam?

12. Name the short-threaded rods that strengthen a fire box?

13. Where did the first ever traction engine rally take place?

14. What year was our first rally?

15. What year was the first Bishop’s Castle rally?

16. What large firm never made a steam roller?

17. What year did our Rally first become two days?

18. Who was our founder member?

19. Who has given more than 50 slideshows at our Winter talks?

20. Name the engine that has been to more of our rallies than any other?

21. Which showman’s round was Shrewsbury on?

22. What was the most unusual feature of the last four Fowler showmans engines ever built?

23. If a Sentinel is said to be a DG type, what does it stand for?

24. Name the Burrell showmans engine that Tom Varley once owned?

25. Name the man that converted a large number of Fowler road locomotives to showmans specification?

26. Who founded the Thursford Collection?

27. Who first restored the only Fowler wagon in existence?

28. Which rally is held at Rye Meadows?

29. Who owned the Burrell ‘Supremacy’ in 1960?

30. What make are the oldest pair of matched ploughing engines still existing?

31. Ray Matthew’s Fowler engine was called Tommy, but who was it named after?

32. Who was it that raced against Arthur Napper at the first ever traction engine rally in 1950?

33. Which Burrell showmans engine carries the works number 4000? It has been to our rally.

34. Is a Dave Paxman a 3 or a 4 shaft engine?

35. How many truly Victorian engines came to our rally last year?

36. Which Fowler showmans engine did Frank Lythgo once own?

37. On which make of engine do the strakes slope the opposite way to normal?

38. Name the man that first converted a portable into a self-moving engine?

39. Which famous traction engine designer worked for Claytons & Paxmans, amongst others?

40. What was the name of the last Burrell showman’s engine ever built, but was finished at Garrett’s?